What you'll learn

2020 hindsight

 2020 hindsight

What happened during an unparalleled year - both for society and for markets 

2021 and beyond

2021 and beyond

The short and long-term impacts of 2020 on key asset classes

In with the new

In with the new

Unique opportunities to find uncorrelated growth

Hear from investment leaders

Gabriel Hammond 155x155

“We believe a different approach is warranted, not just in 2021, but in the coming decade. The challenge is not how to position yourself for the coming year, but for the next ten years”

Gabriel Hammond

Chief Executive Officer

Agam Sharma 155x155

“In this heightened uncertainty, it is increasingly clear that what has worked in the past may not necessarily solve for the portfolio needs ahead.”

Agam Sharma

Chief Investment Officer

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Our take on the years ahead

We know markets are moving faster than investors can keep up with. Which is why we've brought together our experienced investment team to dive into markets, identify risks ahead and provide their view on how to move forward with confidence - packaged into a report that investors can reference for months to come.  

In this piece, we:

  • Hear from Emles' Chief Executive Officer, Gabriel Hammond
  • Review the global macroeconomic environment 
  • Provide a view into global equity markets
  • Dive into fixed income sectors
  • Explore new alternative assets for portfolios
  • Discuss pockets of opportunity for uncorrelated growth

More of the same may not help investors reach their goals in the years ahead. We believe this may not be the time to follow the pack. 

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